Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

001: Anna Masala/Moritz Morast Split: Looking for the place where the spirit meets the skin

Dear Visitor,

so this is our first Release on this small Label.

It features tracks from Anna Masala on one side and diffretn tracks from Moritz Morast on the other.
On Masalas side the listener can hear fieldrecordings and hypnagogic beats carried by Masalas soulful voice holding it all togehter and breaking it on the same time.
On Morasts side things get a little more abstract, layered composion between drones, noise and techno beats, gameboy and a psychedelic samba piece.

Packing is made from hardend fabric with a silkscreened cover by Masala and Morast.
Includes Booklet with Tracklist and Contact-Info.

The casette was especially made for a concert the both played at Raumschiff in Linz, Austria.
You can find the recording of the session here.

You can find listening excerpts here.

Please also check out their soundcloud profile to support!

|Anna Masala|

|Moritz Morast|

Limited to 23 pieces.