Montag, 12. Januar 2015

002: Zach Zinn - The Spiral Organ

Woho Whistling Cattle 002 is out now! It is featuring Olympia,Washington based artist Zach Zinn with his debut album The Spiral Organ on Whistling Cattle. On this album Zach Zinn makes further adventures in his very unique musical style of combining influences from Noise and Ambient music with elements of traditional ethnic folk music. Layers of field recordings and sounds combined with hypnotic loops of fluetes and distorted horns create a soundscape with reminds of early industrial recordings of bands like zoviet*france, Coil as well as La Mounte Youngs Theater for Eternal Music.

The Cassette comes this time in a  handmade wooden box with the screen print of the artwork on the front, containg a folded booklet with the cassette, tracklist, artist & label information!

Limited to 50 pcs!

Listen & get it here: